Why Facebook is a Must as a Small Business Marketing Tool

As part of your small business marketing plan you need to be aware of the way your customers are locating your products and services and how their buying decisions are changing.

Online social interaction has become one of the main pastimes for many people utilising social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. The king of these sites is Facebook with over 500 million people registered on the site, 700 billion minutes spent on Facebook and on average each user having 130 friends ( and these numbers are escalating), as a small business owner, you can see the potential of Facebook to generate leads and sales.

A Word of Caution

However, one word of caution is that social media is about social interaction, and if you use the social media sites with an attitude of sell, sell, sell or me, me, me then you will be wasting your time and energies. You have to engage with your contacts and critics, listen to what people are saying, good and bad. Keep content fresh. Use status updates and newsfeeds to tell people about specials, events, contests or anything of interest.

Small Business Marketing Facebook Essentials:

Gain clarity about your Facebook Marketing goals before you start

Decide upfront what you want to achieve from your Facebook Marketing. Is is getting more customers, providing a better service or maybe creating a brand awareness. Once this is clear, then you can work out your action plan

Build Your Profile and Facebook Business Page

You start by building your profile. It is advisable to have a separate profile for your relatives and non-business contacts and one for your business contacts. You then build your Facebook page using your business profile. Consider what keywords you want to be found for on the search engines and build your profile and Facebook page around this keyword As well as having a Facebook Page, you can also create a Facebook group which can have your keyword as the title.

Make Friends and Get People to “Like” your Facebook Page

Start building your list of friends by inviting your current business contacts and then ask them to “like” your Facebook Page. Then look for groups or pages that relate to your product or service. Example if you are a plumber, then you can join a builders group or a local community group. Through these groups you can then make business contacts by inviting them to be your friend. However the success of them becoming your friends is determined by how you invite them and the uniqueness of your message. Once your Facebook page is ready, make sure you create its awareness through your website and other marketing materials so that people can come and join your Facebook page

Make Your Profile and Pages Informative and Interactive

You want to take advantage of the power of viral marketing and therefore your aim is to get your friends to invite their friends to “like” your Facebook Page.

Facebook Ads

Just like Google AdWords and other Pay-Per- Click marketing, you can set up a Facebook Ad and pay only when someone clicks on that advertisement. Because of the in depth profiling available in Facebook, your ads can be highly targeted with a low cost per click giving you a potentially high return on your investment.

Final Points

Bing has now linked up with Facebook and Google and other search engines are now starting to use social media as part of their algorithm. Therefore a Small Business in this day and age must incorporate Facebook as part of their Small Business Marketing Strategy

Article By Juzer Kimti – Juzer Kimti is a Small Business Consultant specialising in Local Business Marketing for Small Business Owners, generating Quality leads at a Profit.